Regents School of Austin Football Secures 8th Straight District Title

Front Row: Walker Petri, Meredith Tibbetts with son Drew, Stan Rice with son Ledger, Jackson Smith, Blake Heath, Gavin Baskett, Bobby Grace Second Row: Leah and Chris Petri, Bridget Gabriel, Ryan Tibbetts, Shim Rice, Ted and Megan Smith, Rachel Laas, Lisa and John Baskett, Andrea Heath, Melinda Grace Back Row: Tracy and Rich Steinle with son Charlie, Adrian Verdict, Dan Murphy, Andy and Elysa Kuo with son Tyler, Monica Murphy with son Liam, Hunter and Laura Powell with son Whitefield, Carter Smith, Steve Lass, Trish Brydon, Regents Athletic Director Beck Brydon with son Benjamin, Jamie and Vick Pope with son Will, Brent Heath, Assistant Coach Guy Grace
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