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Reaching the city’s most sought-after audience twice a month through paid, mailed subscriptions, the West Austin News provides coverage and advertising opportunities matched by no other Austin area publication. For nearly 30 years, we’ve been your source for the news and events that matter to West Austin.

Our subscribers reside in the most affluent areas of the city. Average home value is over $750,000, and average net wealth is over $1 million. Our readers are educated, mature, and long-time residents of West Austin. Click here for a distribution map.

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Additional copies or past issues are sold to paid subscribers only.

If you are a paid subscriber, you may order up to four copies by sending an email to accounts@westaustinnews.com. Price is $1.25 per copy plus $5.00 postage.

Rachelle will get back with you for payment by debit or credit, and will ensure that they are mailed to you.

All copies of the paper are with our Distributor in Dallas, who does our mailing. No copies of the paper are at our Admin office on Parkcrest Drive.

Additional copies for families running wedding or engagement announcements will be mailed, no charge for the copies or the postage.

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