Westside Stories: Claude Ducloux

17 mins read
by Forrest Preece

Claude Ducloux is a Renaissance man. He is a fantastic singer and pianist who could have had a performing career, but he opted for the law, and he has excelled in his profession. 

To say that Claude grew up in a cultured environment is an understatement. Both of his parents – Walter and Gina -- were virtuoso musicians, pianists, and educators, and they were multilingual. The atmosphere in his childhood home was one of constant intellectual and musical input and stimulus, accented by the international circle of friends that surrounded his parents. It was normal to hear foreign languages being spoken on the phone or to company. Claude says, “We had wonderful dinner parties with fascinating people from all walks of life.” Gina was the consummate host, “who could plan and throw a dinner party in just hours.” His father was a conductor, author, translator for Gen. George Patton, and music director for the Voice of America from 1948-1953; was educated at the University of Munich, where he earned a Ph.D.in 1935, and then a conducting diploma from Vienna Academy of Music in 1937...

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