Painting Positivity: Doss tables encourage kindness

3 mins read
Erin Stephens and Doss PTA president Amy Hart, Doss students Will and Cora

By Alana Moehring Mallard

The big side porch at Doss Elementary’s soaring atrium of a cafeteria has picnic tables painted with positive messages these days thanks to Doss parents, students, friends, and family, as well as Murchison and Anderson parents.

Lauren Ward spearheaded the first  Painting Positivity at Anderson High a few months ago when anti-Semitic messages found their way to overpasses, walls, and walks in Northwest Hills and Anderson High. She corralled hundreds of volunteers to paint positive messages on picnic tables for the students at Anderson.

Ward said it was “another incident of a small minority being hateful” that got her aimed at painting picnic tables at Doss Elementary.  “There was a lot of pain in the comments,” she said, “and the school went through the wringer.” Ward said there wasn’t much she could do about the comments, but she could gather people together to do this. . . 

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